First Look or Not: Choosing the Right Moment for Your Wedding Reveal

May 1, 2024



If you know me, you know I could chat forever about how special first look photos are. Whether the first time couples see each other is during the ceremony or during the session beforehand, there is nothing quite like the magic of these photos.

The best way to capture first look photos is debated in the wedding industry, and everyone has their own opinion. Personally, I am a fan of whatever decision feels right to you and your fiance. If you’re chasing that once-in-a-lifetime moment walking down the aisle, I’m always happy to help make it happen. Or maybe you want to spend some intentional time together before the day starts and share your own private vows alone, I love that too!

Like everything else in wedding planning, there is really no right or wrong answer. Ultimately, it’s your day and you should go with whatever makes you happy!!! So talk with your spouse and browse some of the many options below and see if anything tugs at your heart strings for your big day. 🙂

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