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Glenwood City, WI


Monday - Thursday
9 a.m. - 3 p.m. CST




we can't wait to hear from you!

I book 12 months+ out but you can check my availability on the calendar page. I only book a max of 15 weddings a year so I am able to give each and every bride the attention and support they deserve! 

how far in advance do i need to book you for my wedding?

All of my weddings are guaranteed online gallery delivery within 4 weeks; with most being wedding being completed within 2 weeks. 

how long will it take to get our photos delivered?

I always tell people its YOUR day so do what you want! Can a first look make the timeline flow a little smoother? Yes. But if you want that once in a lifetime altar moment, we make that happen and we just arrange the timeline around to fit it. I have shot so many wedding with and without first looks that it honestly is what you want your day to be. 

Do you recommend a "first look" on the wedding day?

I recommend at least 8 hours but if you are having any special exits or moments (like fireworks) 10 hours is a better fit for you. 

how many hours should we set aside for wedding photos?

Absolutely! Shoot me an email. I am a big believer in collaboration and what you give out you get back. So, I am always willing to help! 

Do you offer any consulting for other photographers?

I do not do corporate events at this time. 

Do you photograph corporate events?

I love and live in Glenwood City, WI! It's this amazing small town, in the middle of no where, that we get to call home. 

I know you travel, but where is your home base?

Not every image. I take a lot of duplicates and I always tend to catch a few with their eyes shut; but, beyond those blooper shots I edit and deliver every keeper image. So, many of my brides end up with over 900 images in their wedding day gallery! 

Do you deliver every image from our wedding?

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