Why You Should Gather Inspiration for Your Wedding (And My Best Tips For Finding It)

April 15, 2024



If you’re anything like I was as a young girl, you’ve probably had years worth of pinterest boards full of endless wedding ideas. Now that you’re a newly engaged adult and not a tween dreaming of some far-off day, your old inspiration boards may not feel quite as useful as you once hoped they’d be.

Though styles have changed, your younger self was actually on the right track. Gathering inspiration is one of the firsts steps in the wedding planning process. As a photographer who loves to be as involved as I can in the planning process, I understand the importance that inspiration images play in the overall success of your big day.

In this post, let’s chat about all things wedding inspo. Let this blog be the nudge you need to start gathering images you love, or to go back through your previous inspiration and narrow down your options.

Why is inspiration important?

– Figuring out your preferences and dislikes will help your wedding planning easier in the long run. You won’t be bogged down by options that you’re were never really interested in in the first place.

– A curated inspiration board clarifies your vision. Come up with a few words that represent what you like, such as classy, sophisticated, and inviting, or rustic, warm, and outdoorsy.

– Inspiration images get the creative juices flowing and help you brainstorm new ways to incorporate personality into your wedding.

– Your wedding day is about both you and your fiance. Gathering inspo helps manage expectations and aligns each of your dreams into one cohesive design.

Where Can I Find Inspiration?

My years as a photographer have taught me that inspiration can come in the most unexpected ways. Whether it’s a conversation with a loved one or a stunning view from your drive to the supermarket, inspiration is everywhere. In a more tangible sense, great places to gather inspiration are pinterest, social media, and wedding magazines.

I am lucky enough to see the result of my clients inspiration every time I photograph a wedding. I am constantly amazed by the creativity and resourcefulness of my couples. In this blog post, I’ve added a few images from past weddings that incorporate themes I love. The custom wedding signage? Dreamy. Using your vintage truck in your bridal photos? Obsessed. Having your sons drive a car down the aisle to introduce their mom, the bride? Could not be cuter. My couples really are the best!

What do I do with the Inspiration I’ve Gathered?

– Once you’ve gone through multiple sources and found images that inspire you, compile them into groups based on category.

– Create a personal vision board for you to regularly reflect on. Make it a fun date night with your fiance as you spend some time arranging them together.

– Take your inspirational images with you to meetings with potential vendors to see how they can help your vision come to life. 

– Don’t forget to keep your photographer in the loop! Share your inspo with them to facilitate clear communication and expectations.

When you’re planning an event as important as a wedding, it’s so valuable to be able to lean into more creative ways of thinking. Gathering inspiration is a great way to get the ball rolling and start brainstorming to ultimately create the wedding day of your dreams.

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