What Goes Into Creating a Custom Wedding Timeline and Why You Need One

March 15, 2024



Newly engaged? Yay! I am so excited for you to start this journey with your partner. Weddings are such magical events, and I really believe that feeling begins during the planning process. 

If you’re in the throws of wedding planning, you might find yourself with a differing opinion. I’ve taken photos of all kinds of couples with different levels of involvement in their wedding planning. The one thing I’ve noticed that all my happiest couples have in common is being prepared for their big day.

There is something so reassuring about knowing that your wedding day is organized and well-thought-through. One of the best ways you can do this is to create and implement a wedding timeline. I offer all of my couples the option to add a custom timeline to their photography package.  Of course, my passion is photography and I love taking wedding photos. But I also feel strongly about creating a seamless day for all of my brides and grooms. 

In this blog post, I want to give you a sneak peek into the custom timeline creation process and chat a little bit about why they’re so important to the success of your wedding day. 

The Custom Timeline Creation Process

First, establish your wedding goals. This is a time when you get to sit down and discuss everything you hope for your big day: your vision, expectations, plans, and priorities. Your wedding timeline should be a cohesive part of your overall wedding design.  

Next, consider any time constraints. It’s important to take into account all of the logistics involved in your wedding day. Are there any restrictions from your venue to consider? Will your guests need to travel at all between events? Once the non-negotiables are noted, you’re ready to move on.

Then, discuss all the planned events. Organize each of your various activities in chronological order. Include things like getting ready, first look photos, the ceremony, group photos, cocktail hour, dinner, speeches, dancing, cutting the cake, the send-off, and whatever else may be planned for the day.

Lastly, review and finalize the details. After your timeline is arranged, it’s time to go back through it and double-check that everything is in order and you haven’t forgotten anything. Once you’ve approved the layout, share the final timeline with anyone directly involved in the planning of your day.

Why a Custom Timeline is Important

Keeps track of all your plans.

You’ve worked so hard to plan every detail of your big day. Wedding timelines are the perfect place to store your ideas so you don’t forget anything.

Gets everyone on the same page.

Executing a wedding is a complicated process with a lot of moving parts. It’s important to be able to clearly communicate and coordinate with vendors and planners so nothing is lost in the shuffle.

Helps the day go as smoothly as possible.

Life is full of unexpected challenges, but your wedding doesn’t have to be. A wedding timeline helps you anticipate and avoid any potential issues before they arise.

Allows for every event to shine.

The last thing you want on your big day is to feel rushed. Planning for the timing of each event ensures that every aspect of your wedding day gets the spotlight it deserves. 

Positively Impacts Guest Experience.

Your guests will appreciate a well-organized wedding timeline that smoothly flows from one activity to the next. A clear outline will help them to have an idea of what to expect from your celebration as well.

Ultimately, a well-designed timeline will enhance your unique vision for your day. It’s my goal to help you create the wedding of your dreams without the added stress of making sure there’s enough time for everything you want to do. My experience as a photographer has taught me about the importance of timing, and I’m excited to share that knowledge with you.

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