Lexie & Oliver’s Dream Wedding at Roncalli Newman Catholic Church

March 2, 2024



Lexie and Oliver, a sweet country couple rooted in their Catholic faith, celebrated their wedding day with a ceremony that was both meaningful and funny, surrounded by their closest friends and family. Before the ceremony though, they shared a private moment for their first look that was INCREDIBLE.

As Oliver turned around to see Lexie in her gorgeous gown, a soft smile spread across his face. Lexie, absolutely glowing, couldn’t help but laugh at the look of awe on Oliver’s face and as they got to spend those first few moments together quietly you could tell how perfect this day was for both of them.

Right after the first look they exchanged letters they had written to each other, expressing their hopes, promises and dreams for their life together. Hearing the person you love recall some favorite memories of your life together and the hopes they have for the future is always an emotional moment and it was beautiful the way Oliver looked at Lexie, but more so the way Lexie wiped the tears from Oliver’s eyes. These two are just so perfect together and the way they prioritize the needs and wants of the other first goes to show how beautiful their lives together will be.

Their first look and letter exchange set the tone for a ceremony filled with laughter, love, and the presence of God. Surrounded by their loved ones, Lexie and Oliver exchanged vows that were simple yet profound, pledging their commitment to each other for all eternity. And as they walked hand in hand down the aisle as husband and wife, they knew that their love would only continue to grow stronger with each passing day.

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