La Pointe Events Wedding Marki & Devrin’s Amazing Wedding in Somerset, WI

May 26, 2022



“Friends bring happiness into your life, best friends bring beer.”

I cannot even begin to put into words how fun Marki and Devrin’s wedding day was. Every single aspect… every second of that day was truly filled with nothing but pure joy. I remember talking about their wedding day at the engagement session and they kept saying “all we care about is enjoying the day”… and they truly wanted to be emotionally present in the moment. I think you can tell from all the pictures below that they both truly were immersed in the love, laughter, and fun that all wedding days should be. They lived in the moment. They cherished their time with their friends. They stopped and hugged their family. They laughed. They danced. They cheersed…. and they had the best damn day and I am so thankful I got to be there to capture it. I hope the pictures below relay, better than my words, how absolutely incredible their wedding day was and I hope you really feel the fun I am trying to describe (I am no poet or wordsmith so bare with me there lol) and enjoy this truly amazing wedding day. Thank you La Pointe Events for having such a beautiful space for these two to have the best day, ever!

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