Dru & Courtney’s Wonderful Winter Wedding at Paradise Shores 4

November 19, 2020



Courtney and Dru were my last wedding of 2020, from what had originally been planned to be my first wedding of 2020 and a spring wedding in April; however, life has a way of making its own plans. So, with 2020 being how it is they rescheduled to November. As Dru was reading his vows to Courtney during the ceremony he talked about their first date and how he had taken her out to dinner– but ran out of money for the movies and had to admit to her he was short some cash and she laughed and of coarse willingly chipped in but it kind of reminded me of how 2020 has been. Did everything with that date go as planned? No… but it didn’t matter because the sparks were there, their love took off, and grew and look now years later these two are tying the knot and committing to a life of happiness and love together; no matter what curveballs it may throw and laughing about that first date. So, I thought how fitting to end the 2020 wedding season, one that’s been riddled with reschedules and changes of plans,  with a couple who live in the moment. Who appreciate life and love Who enjoy the little things. I hope you love these sneak peeks of their big day as much as I do.


  1. candy winiarczyk says:

    The pictures are awesome, can’t wait to see the rest. Will be very hard to choose which ones I like best. Great picture taking…..thank you.

  2. Julie galetka says:

    Just beautiful pictures, beautiful day for a beautiful couple. One more grandchild. Wonderful. Let you have the love to last as long as both your grandparents.

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