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I believe in memories and moments and all the tiny unforgettable things that happen in between. My clients love me because I know how to make them laugh, but trust me because I know trust is earned, and I work like hell to earn it. Most of all, I honestly, furiously love what I do and my work shows that. I'm just a small town Wisconsin girl who loves capturing beautiful memories that last lifetimes. 

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Laura & Sean’s Beautiful Wedding at Kilkarney

August 13, 2020



Laura and Sean had a wonderful wedding day at Kilkarney surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones. So much so, that Sean’s dad was even the one to officiate their wedding and pronounce this gorgeous couple to the world! One of the most memorable moments from the day to me were their own hand written vows…. they came so much from the heart and brought so many to tear. Plus, the  humor Sean’s dad added in as additional vows of promises Sean made to make breakfast on the weekends and for Laura not to spend too much were perfect. Laura and Sean’s wedding day was a day changed by the pandemic, with a lot of family having to tune in via live stream; however, it was a day filled with love, laughter, and family and I think we all can appreciate that a lot more after the past few months!  Congratulations to Laura and Sean on a dream wedding day; and, enjoying their first few days as a married couple 🙂


  1. Alecia Gagnon says:

    Your work is nothing less than exquisite. Somehow you were able to capture the joy on everyone’s face with the beautiful the day. You have an eye and a gift.

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