Adventurous and Rainy Willow River Engagement Session

August 11, 2020



“You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong.”

MaKyla and Dustin met me out at the beautiful Willow River in Hudson, WI for this amazing adventure session. We had talked and envisioned this session for a few months with MaKyla creating an adorable Pinterest board. We started our session at the top of the walk down to the falls with a little rain, we climbed all the way to the top of the falls so we could get some gorgeous shots inside the falls, we got a little hot and steamy with some swimsuit shots, climbed up to the top and set up MaKyla and Dustin’s tent, and finally made our way to an open field that just happened to have an amazing RAINBOW above….. it was truly an unbelievable session and I had to so much fun. Anyone else want to go on an adventure? 🙂                     

Two individuals embrace in a tender kiss amidst a vibrant field of yellow wildflowers. Above them, a majestic rainbow arcs across the sky, casting a colorful hue over the scene, adding to the enchantment of the moment.
A newlywed couple shares a romantic kiss beneath two clear umbrellas, sheltered from the gentle rain. Their love radiates as they embrace, surrounded by the subtle beauty of the rainy day.
A newly engaged couple shares an intimate moment by a cascading waterfall. The woman sits provocatively on the man's lap, their embrace filled with passion amidst the splashing water. Their connection is palpable, as they revel in the allure of nature's beauty and their budding love.
A couple wearing backpacks shares a tender kiss, their love blossoming amidst an adventurous journey. The embrace speaks of companionship and affection, as they pause to celebrate their bond against the backdrop of their outdoor exploration.
An engaged couple snuggles close in a lush wildflower field, their affection palpable as they anticipate the appearance of a rainbow. Surrounded by the vibrant colors of nature, their love blooms like the flowers around them, while the promise of the rainbow overhead adds a magical touch to their shared moment
  1. MaKyla Hove says:

    These are AMAZING! I love them so much. You made it such a comfortable, relaxed and fun environment for us to be ourselves in front of the camera! Beautiful pictures! <3

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